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Massachusetts Offshore Wind Energy

Massachusetts is taking advantage of the offshore wind energy opportunity that they have been given in these recent years. In the coming years, Massachusetts will be acquiring another 1,600 megawatts of offshore wind on top of the recent 1,600 megawatts they have already acquired.

off shore wind energy

What is Offshore Wind Energy?

Offshore wind uses wind turbine technology, which is places in the ocean waters to create electricity from the wind energy. This is a more productive solution than on-shore wind energy because of the higher wind speeds out in the ocean. These are more consistent, which will in turn give the state a reliable energy source to reduce greenhouse gases.

The Challenge?

The construction of the wind turbines in the ocean is difficult because of the conditions. As of now, it is somewhat costly because of the demand. Once the technology advances, the cost will decrease due to the demand of this sustainable energy.

The Benefits of Offshore Wind

  • Faster wind speeds result in more energy generated
  • Consistent supply of wind – more reliable source of energy
  • Many major coastal cities containing half of the United States’ population
  • Creates sustainable energy and jobs

Offshore wind farms can be costly and challenging to build, which is a drawback. Harsh weather can be a factor when it comes to offshore wind turbines. The depth of the water also can make it difficult to build turbines and building power cables on the seafloor for transmitting electricity back to land can be expensive.

But why is it important to pursue this source of energy? Every new technology and invention will have a challenge to tackle, especially in the beginning stages. With that being said, this technology and construction will have some disadvantages, but once the technology advances, the cost will go down and the production and construction will improve making offshore wind energy an extremely reliable and sustainable energy source.

Pope Energy

Pope Energy supports both land-based and off-shore wind resources paired with battery storage technologies.  Off-shore wind is being built by utilities owned by nation-states, and cost is being driven down by bringing scale to these applications. These renewable assets represent the new centralized power sources, and they should be paired with decentralized solar and battery projects for reliability purposes, and this will help to maintain a renewable energy employment base in Massachusetts.

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Why is Solar Energy so Important?

Some people don’t realize how much solar energy impacts our lives. States like Massachusetts are setting examples of the renewable energy movement across the country, and we need to realize how important it is to the planet. Working towards a 100% Renewable Energy planet is sustainable for each and every person’s life.

Solar panels in a field

The Benefits of Solar Energy

There are so many benefits with solar energy, and we want you to know about all of them. Our planet is battling with climate change every minute and nations across the globe are working towards fixing this problem, so we don’t end up with more and more problems in the future.

Here are the benefits:

  • Reduces the use of fossil fuels
  • Non-polluting
  • It’s a renewable energy
  • Generates wealth and jobs
  • Economic Savings
  • Solar + Storage is a resilient, decentralized, renewable generation resource

Solar energy is useful for generating electricity on a small scale and a large-scale basis. This simple technology is transforming the way we think about renewable energy and the way we live.

Pope Energy and Solar Development

Pope Energy is a developer and constructor of commercial and large-scale solar photovoltaic power projects. We provide system owners, landowners, and businesses with development, engineering, procurement, construction and operations and maintenance services.

Our Services include:

Solar Development, Solar Engineering, Procurement and Construction, Solar Operations and Maintenance, Energy Storage, Consulting and Project Restoration, Energy Procurement

If you are system owners, large-scale energy users, commercial & industrial, land and real estate owners, or public sector, we will work closely with individuals and companies. We also assist in providing  financing solutions for a customer who desires to own a commercial solar project but does not have the capability to monetize tax credits and accelerated depreciation.

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Massachusetts Ranks First in 2019 Community Power Scorecard

The 2019 Community Power Scorecard is in, and Massachusetts won first place, demonstrating our state’s outstanding commitment to energy policies that benefit the environment.

Solar field in Massachusetts

Community Power Scorecard

Released on an annual basis by the Energy Democracy Initiative of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, the Community Power Scorecard tracks and gives composite scores for states based on their energy policies, as well as the effect these policies have on local clean energy action and community initiatives.


Massachusetts came in first, with a Community Power Score of 32 out of 38 possible points. Many of the state’s policies encourage local power, including net metering and simplified interconnection to encourage the use of distributed energy resources (DERs), like solar. The state also mandates utility renewable energy procurement to include DERs. Its policies are community-friendly, permitting shared or community renewable energy, allowing communities to choose their own energy suppliers, and allowing community-provided financing for commercial properties that have property-assessed clean energy. Not only does the Bay State have a state building energy code, but it also encourages individual communities to go above and beyond the state standard with its “stretch code.”


Despite Massachusetts being recognized at the top in the nation, Massachusetts is not reaching for its potential. The solar industry that Massachusetts has started experiences on-again-off-again availability of solar program capacity due to timid legislative and regulatory commitment. Massachusetts should truly lead the nation by establishing a solar generation goal that equals 25% of the electric load of the state by 2030 and eliminate the caps on net metering.


At Pope Energy, we’re always trying to stay at the forefront of the battle against climate change, working with our clients to go green. We’re proudly involved in all of the initiatives that earned Massachusetts its number-one spot. We develop and construct commercial and large-scale solar photovoltaic projects for builders and property owners throughout the state. Give us a call today at 855-767-3363 to learn more.

Building Green in 2019: Office Design Trends Changing Top Companies

2018 was a record-breaking year for Massachusetts. The state was ranked first in energy efficiency and increased power savings by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy in their 12th annual report. A feat that we are proud to be a part of at Pope Energy.

Now, as we look forward to the future, we can all be taking steps forward to an even greener future, especially in office building design.

Here are a few green office design trends that are changing top companies for the better:

Glass office building with sunlight coming in and green treesPrefabricated construction

Prefab materials have become the norm as offices use demountable partitions for daylight access, ventilation and flexibility while also cutting down on drywall and the waste it adds to landfills.

Prefabricated materials can ship finished to the building site, eliminating the volatile organic compounds (VOC) and air quality issues related to conventional drywall and finishing.

Distributed energy systems

Top companies are incorporating renewable energy sources and smart energy systems into both existing and new buildings. Distributed energy systems (DES) are at the core of this trend.

DES is a new term that describes an array of energy generation, monitoring, storage and control solutions, covering electricity, heating and cooling. Not only is DES good for the planet because it reduces carbon emissions, but it’s also good for companies’ bottom line, as it reduces overall energy costs.

Net zero buildings

To help with the battle against climate change, a growing number of companies are choosing to build net zero buildings, which generate all of their energy needs from clean (non-carbon-emitting) sources.

At Pope Energy, we’re always trying to stay ahead of the curve and work with our clients and state officials to combat climate change. We excel in developing and constructing commercial and large-scale solar photovoltaic projects for builders and property owners in Massachusetts.

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U.S. Energy Storage Expected to Double in 2019

Companies and municipalities around the country and the world are constantly pushing the green energy movement forward into the future, offering innovation and inspiration for renewable energy and technologies this year.

U.S. energy storage in 2019

Green energy concept with solar panel and batteryIn 2019, energy storage in the U.S. is expected to double.

Supported by new policies, technology, and start-ups in this burgeoning field, the landscape for battery storage is increasingly diversifying, with large-scale utility units being used on bigger projects and storing more megawatts than ever before.

What is perhaps the most exciting part of this all is that residential and commercial batteries—batteries that could support a household—have become more powerful, with bigger outputs and more capabilities. This means we could soon find ourselves with the ability to store energy at a scale large enough to power our homes for a significant period of time.

On that note, the figures going forward are promising.

U.S. energy storage in 2020

After doubling in 2019, energy storage here is then expected to triple in 2020, demonstrating that this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Each year, more states are changing their regulations to allow batteries, albeit at pilot levels, to enter their energy markets. Strong performances here could convince lawmakers and consumers alike that these batteries can go beyond pilots, and become a real player in the energy industry.

In other words: energy storage is here to stay.

Whatever the news may be, we here at Pope Energy are keeping tabs on the newest innovations in the market, to offer customers the best products and services available.

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Understanding the New Massachusetts State Representatives’ Green Agenda

The Massachusetts legislature recently welcomed 24 new state representatives, the majority of whom are seeking to address the ever-growing issue of climate change.

As it stands, Massachusetts, home to about 6.8 million people, receives about a sixth of its electricity from renewable sources, like wind and solar.

That’s not enough for the new members of the Massachusetts state legislature.

100 percent renewable electricity by the year 2050

Renewable Electricity Grid with Wind and Solar PowerThe newest crop of state representatives is pledging to transition the entire state to 100 percent renewable electricity by 2050—an ambitious goal that would put the Bay State at the forefront of the green movement.

Out of the 24 new recruits, 14 have signed onto the pledge, and are now calling themselves the GreenTeamMA (; a campaign platform that promises to shun donations from fossil fuel companies and promote new initiatives in wind and solar energy.

Massachusetts could get to the 2050 goal through a variety of means. It’d require a percentage of residential and commercial solar plants, onshore and offshore wind farms, geothermal, and hydroelectric sources. But the result would be an entirely revolutionized grid, with a host of economic and social benefits for the Massachusetts people.

What does a 100 percent renewable grid look like for Massachusetts?

According to some observers, it means over 53,000 new construction jobs for the state, as well as 38,000 operations jobs. These are well-paying, middle-class careers, that could not only help lift low-income residents to the next step in the economic ladder, but also, help the state overall.

With a projected savings of $8.2 billion in healthcare costs from air pollution, we’re looking at a healthier, happier state for everyone.

As this state legislative session gets underway, we look forward to seeing the many efforts made by the GreenTeamMA and other representatives to make this viable green vision an achievable reality.

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U.S. Energy Storage Market on the Rise

Current projections estimate that the U.S. energy storage market will reach a value of $4.5 billion by 2023. The third quarter of 2018 had almost twice the scale or projects reported from the third quarter of 2017 showing the level of swift advancement within the industry.

Here at Pope Energy, we pride ourselves on our advocacy for renewable energy initiatives across the state that fosters this expansion. In light of the booming energy storage market and the increase of available incentive programs, now is the perfect time to contact us to discuss the benefits of a large-scale solar project!

Renewable Energy StorageHow Massachusetts is making an impact in energy storage

The Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target Program (SMART) aims to double the state’s solar power capacity. The strategy to reach this goal is to make more solar projects viable by providing tiered incentives to promote solar, with additional benefits if storage is attached.

Adding inducements specific to storage encourages more projects to include that element in their plans, which contributes to greater overall solar capabilities of the state.

Massachusetts’ installed storage to increase exponentially in 2019

The U.S. Energy Storage Monitor reports that Massachusetts’ installed storage is forecasted to increase from 5.4 MW in 2018 to 54 MW in 2019. The report categorizes the SMART Program as a “massive near term opportunity for solar-plus-storage.” Favorable regulations for emerging technologies in the energy storage industry contribute immensely to the expansion level we are seeing right now. While these energy-advantageous laws are in effect is the perfect time to discover the benefits of renewable energy storage.

Across the country, energy storage is increasingly being recognized for its economic potential. The future of energy storage in the United States is on the rise, rapidly expanding each quarter. To find out more about the SMART Program and how you can become part of this growing market, please contact us! With all of the incentive opportunities available, now is the time to explore the advantages the renewable energy sector can provide.

Renewable Energy Markets Worldwide: What to Expect in 2019

Renewable Energy World MarketsThe global energy storage market is growing by leaps and bounds due to well-designed state energy policies and declining storage cost. Although the annual installation size of energy storage sat at under 0.4 gigawatts back in 2012, it currently sits at right around 6 gigawatts and is expected to grow to more than 40 gigawatts within the next five years.

There are a variety of different renewable energy markets across the world that are helping guide this growth.

Here are a few markets to keep an eye on in 2019.

Energy Storage in China

Although China hasn’t been strong historically when it comes to energy storage, it appears as though they’re poised to change that in 2019. They have more than 2 gigawatts worth of electrochemical storage projects underway at the moment and are predicted to keep growing as a renewable energy market next year.

Wind Power in Japan

There has been some hesitancy in Japan to bet big on offshore wind energy in the past, however Tokyo Electric Power Company, which is one of the largest utility companies in Japan, sounds like they’re ready to take the leap.

If all goes according to plan, it would provide a huge boost to the global energy storage market.

Solar Power in Nigeria

Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa at the moment and is also the biggest oil producer on the continent. Yet, more than 50 percent of the people in the country don’t have direct access to clean energy.

This could all change in the coming year as Nigeria makes a push to establish its solar market.

Energy Storage in the U.S.

America already leads the world in energy storage, but that isn’t going to stop U.S. companies from continuing to push forward with new renewable energy projects. California, Hawaii, New York, the Carolinas, and Massachusetts are all expected to play a big part in further energy storage developments in 2019.

At Pope Energy, we specialize in developing and constructing large-scale solar photovoltaic projects for our clients and work towards reducing your energy costs with batteries and other energy storage technologies. Call us at 855-767-3363 today to see how a solar development project could benefit you.