Commercial Solar Development

Pope Energy is one of the leading commercial solar developers in Massachusetts, offering comprehensive development solutions for ground-mount, dual-use agricultural solar, and larger-scale solar canopies and rooftop solar projects.

Commercial & Agricultural Solar Developer

Based in Boston, Pope Energy is one of New England’s leading commercial solar developers. We develop and construct larger scale photovoltaic (PV) solar installations throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York.

With 38 years of industry experience, Pope Energy always works to ensure the total satisfaction of our clients and partners throughout every step of the commercial solar development process.

Agricultural Solar Solutions

Pope Energy provides agricultural solar solutions, often known as agrivoltaics, agrivoltaic farming or dual-use agricultural solar, that produce large amounts of renewable energy without affecting a farm’s ordinary, day-to-day operations. Dual-use agricultural solar design involves raising the panel height to allow the growing of crops or grazing of animals on the farmland at the same time.

The solar land-lease payments for dual-use agricultural solar offer tremendous value to the farm’s annual income adding value where no opportunity otherwise existed. Whether the land is used for grazing cattle, replacement heifers or crops, our agricultural solar designs can be created to complement farm operations.

We are actively looking to build new relationships with farmers to lease their land to install dual-use agricultural solar projects, as well as leasing land that contains one of the following Prime Farmland soils, Farmland soils of Unique Importance or Farmland soils of Statewide Importance.

Commercial Solar Solutions

As a top solar developer in Massachusetts, Pope Energy provides full-service, turnkey commercial solar solutions for businesses and landowners. From project and land development to system installation and financing, we offer comprehensive solutions for commercial solar projects.

Our projects range from larger-scale ground-mount, dual-use agricultural solar, solar parking canopies and rooftop solar projects. Our team of engineers oversee every aspect of a project’s success, with the expertise and resources to provide ongoing operations and maintenance services.

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