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As a developer of commercial and large-scale solar photovoltaic projects, Pope Energy offers a long list of services to the different markets we serve. We’re capable of providing services like solar development, EPC (engineering, procurement and construction), O&M (solar operations and maintenance), energy storage, consulting and project restoration services, and energy procurement to our customers. We work closely with system owners, large-scale energy users, commercial and industrial clients, land and real estate owners, and those in the public sector searching for reliable solar solutions.

If you’re interested in setting up a commercial or utility scale solar system on your property, Pope Energy can assist you with every aspect of solar development. We have an experienced solar project management team to handle everything from zoning issues to pulling the proper permits to obtaining financing. We also provide those we work with EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) to bring the solar development to commercial operation. This includes creating well-engineered plans for a solar development project and acquiring market competitive Tier 1 materials for it.

If you already have a solar installation in place and need help maintaining it, Pope Energy offers O&M (solar operations and maintenance) to you. Our support teams can maintain your solar panels, troubleshoot electrical and mechanical issues, and even remove snow from panels to keep them functioning properly. We also provide energy storage technology to our clients to help them store up energy and cut their energy costs. We even lend a hand if you need assistance with consulting and project restoration services and provide our professional opinion on developing solar installations in certain areas or restarting a solar installation that has been neglected.

On top of all that, Pope Energy is also a licensed broker that aggregates electrical and natural gas products throughout our home state of Massachusetts as well as Rhode Island. To obtain any of the services and products available through Pope Energy, contact 855-767-3363 today.

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