Solar Services

Providing turnkey solutions and reliable solar services to businesses and landowners looking to invest in their property with a commercial solar PV system.

Commercial Solar Services

Pope Energy provides effective solar services to PV systems throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York. Our team of engineers have the skills and experience to develop, optimize, and maintain every kind of large-scale solar energy system.

Commercial Solar Panels

Solar Development

Our team specializes in land use, entitlement, and PV solar planning and construction. With decades of experience, we take the time to ensure a project’s success by creating highly detailed site plans and solar energy system designs to guarantee local approvals and project timelines. In developing a large-scale solar system, Pope Energy helps with:

  • Land Use Entitlement Planning
  • Site Development and Optimized System Design
  • Permitting, Plan Amendments, and Design Approval


Beyond the initial planning phase, Pope Energy has assembled a team of industry leaders in solar engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC). Our EPC services are designed so that a building or landowner can step back and allow us to take care of every aspect of a solar energy installation. We offer turnkey solar services by providing:

  • Highly Detailed Site and System Plans
  • Optimized PV Design for Specific Energy Requirements
  • Procurement and Delivery of System Components and Permits
  • The Highest Possible Quality Installation
Solar O&M

Solar O&M

For existing PV systems, Pope Energy provides ongoing operations and maintenance (O&M) services. Although solar energy systems do not require a lot of upkeep, property monitoring, and routine maintenance are the best way to ensure the maximum ROI for a PV installation. We provide:

  • Performance Monitoring and Electricity Production Analysis
  • Quick Identification in System Malfunctions
  • High Quality Repair, Cleaning, and other Maintenance Services
  • Ongoing Customer Support and Money-Saving Recommendations
Solar Energy Storage

Energy Storage

Today, large-scale solar installations have the option of adding energy storage as a premium component for a system. A solar battery is a great way to store a back-up source of power in the event of a grid blackout. Additionally, installing and optimizing a battery’s use will also increase a PV system’s self-consumption, leading to a higher system ROI. We offer:

  • Solar + Storage Cost/ Benefit Analysis
  • System Upgrades and Battery Incorporation Plausibility Tests
  • Storage Technology Procurement and Installation
  • Usage Recommendations and System Optimization
Commercial Solar Power Field

Consulting & Project Restoration

Whether you are just exploring the idea of solar or are mid-way through an abandoned project, Pope Energy can provide the information and solar services necessary for completing your PV installation. Our team of experts has the industry experience to provide:

  • Onsite PV Solar System Consultations
  • System Restoration & Completion Services
  • Identification and Processing for New Owner Buyouts

Community Solar

Pope Energy is a licensed broker and aggregator for electricity and natural gas throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We serve industrial, commercial, institutional, and public customers in order to help them identify and save money on renewable energy services. Together, we explore:

  • Energy Requirement Analysis
  • Energy Storage and Energy Efficiency Opportunities
  • Plausibility of Utilizing Solar, Wind, Natural Gas, Geothermal, and Other Forms of Energy
Worker Installing Solar Panels

Solar Installation

With our expertise in solar design, building and construction, we have been able to provide high-quality installation solutions for numerous large-scale PV projects across New England. Through our network of qualified solar engineering and installation teams, we can deliver a solar panel installation designed for efficient, affordable and reliable energy

  • Professional Solar Engineered Designs
  • Acquisition of Only Tier 1 Materials and Equipment
  • Total Construction Management and Supervision
  • Roof & Ground Mounts, Dual-Use Agricultural Solar, Carports & Canopies

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