Solar Solutions

Solar energy is a great way for businesses and landowners to reduce their carbon footprint and overall energy costs. And we’re here to help make that happen.

Agricultural Solutions

For farmers, Pope Energy designs, develops, and installs PV solar energy systems with minimal impact on the farm land or day-to-day operations. By utilizing unused land on the property, agricultural PV systems can significantly reduce the cost of electricity in running a farm. As a full-service company, Pope Energy supplies agricultural solar solutions by providing:

  • On-site Feasibility, Electrical, ad Financial Analysis
  • System Design, Installation, and Ongoing Maintenance
  • Agriculturally-Specific PV System Financing, Rebates and Incentives

Commercial Solutions

For commercial businesses, adopting a PV solar energy system is one of the best ways to “go green” while reducing monthly electricity expenses. Pope Energy assists in designing rooftop or ground mounted PV systems that are optimized specifically for serving a commercial business. Together, Pope Energy works to:

  • Design the Best System for the Roof, Electrical Demand, and Business Needs
  • Procure and Install the Best Tier 1 System Components
  • Identify Rebates, Incentives, Depreciation Qualifications, and Financing
  • Provide Ongoing PV System Maintenance & Services

Who We Serve

As a leading Massachusetts solar company, we work with customers and partners across many different industries. Whether you are looking for assistance with a current solar energy project or are looking to develop and install a new PV system, Pope Energy is here to help. We service:

Pope Energy provides high-quality, efficient solar solutions all across New England. We specialize in large-scale installations for building and landowners to utilize their property to generate clean, renewable electricity. If you own property in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, or New York, then we are interested in working with you. For the best solar energy solution for your land or business, contact Pope Energy today.

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