Solar Development

Experienced solar energy team focused on the development of commercial and large-scale solar PV projects to increase energy efficiency and reduce total energy costs.

Solar Development Services

Solar development is a great way to utilize unused land to generate valuable, renewable energy. Commonly referred to as “solar farms” or “utility-scale solar,” redeveloping land for the purpose of creating and selling electricity can be an extremely rewarding venture. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as simply buying land and installing solar panels.

Solar development involves achieving municipal approvals, grid or distributed generation interconnection approvals from the utility, achieving compliance with state solar programs or market revenue streams and then bringing the financial capability to build the solar system to commercial operation.

How Can a Solar Development Company Help?

A solar developer can handle everything that needs to happen in order to get a commercial solar project up and running. Commercial solar development requires the compliance of local land, solar design and engineering, government and utility jurisdictions, which leads to a lot of time and energy being spent on technical design specifications, inspections, and communications.

With an experienced team, the likelihood of a project’s success increases throughout each milestone of a solar energy installation. From designing and permitting to construction and interconnection, a solar development company can set up and accomplish steps as efficiently as possible.

Land Use Entitlement Planning

Land use entitlements and planning is one of the most critical steps of a commercial solar development. Any given property may have any number of land use regulations and ordinances imposed that could prevent a commercial solar installation from developing. If this is the case, a rezoning or annexation proposal can be submitted for a permanent or conditional usage agreement.

Solar Panels on a Roof

Siting & Permitting

Throughout every stage of a commercial solar development, Pope Energy can obtain and process all of these necessary documents and paperwork. This includes permits for zoning, plan amendments, utility connections, and more. Pope Energy has 38 years of experience in proposal approval for construction, electrical, and large-scale commercial development.

Solar Financing

Together, massive solar arrays and a desirable plot of land may incur a large amount of capital that most people and companies simply do not have on hand. Thankfully, specialized solar financing is available to help pay for a commercial solar development overtime.

In order to encourage the adoption of green energy, commercial solar developments are also eligible for many federal and local rebates and tax incentives designed to lower the initial cost of a PV solar project.

Experienced Solar Development Team

There are many steps along the way of developing a commercial solar installation that are best put in the hands of an experienced solar development company. Pope Energy is based in Boston, Massachusetts and has provided a wide array of solar development services including design, paperwork, installation, and financing for projects throughout New England.

If you are interested in commercial solar development, contact us today about land use entitlement planning, permitting, and solar financing.

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