Solar Panel Installation

Providing comprehensive solar installation services to our commercial PV projects through our network of qualified and experienced solar engineering and installation teams.

Solar Installation Services

Pope Energy is a Boston-based solar energy company offering comprehensive solar installation services for commercial customers throughout New England. Our construction management experts have the resources and experience to always deliver high-quality solar panel installations designed for efficient, affordable, and reliable energy.

Benefits of Commercial Solar Panels

It has never been easier to adopt commercial solar panels in the United States, and businesses, non-profits, and other organizations are all choosing to do so for the following reasons:

  • Lower, predictable energy rates
  • Increased cash flow
  • Flexible financing options
  • Green energy and sustainability initiatives
  • Local incentives and tax breaks
  • Opportunities for energy storage
  • Increased property value

Roof Mount

Popular in both the residential and commercial sectors, rooftop solar panels are perfect for converting underutilized space into a renewable energy generating facility. Many retail stores, offices, and manufacturing facilities can fill their empty roof space with solar panels to meet and even exceed the building’s electrical demand.

Ground Mount

For those without roof space but with plenty of property, a ground-mounted solar energy system is a great solution for large arrays. Ground-mounted solar panels are always installed to maximize the amount of electricity production possible with direction and angles optimized to fit local sun conditions.

Dual-Use Agricultural Solar

State land use policies encourage the preservation of farms, particularly family farms, the retention of farmland soils, food security with locally grown food, the local creation of jobs and the economic multiplier of combining dual-use agricultural solar projects with the retention and creation of farm economy. Massachusetts has one of the most forward-looking Agricultural Solar dual-use programs. Solar designs must allow for the adequate allowance of sunlight to grow crops or graze animals with panel heights of 8′-10′ while allowing for renewable energy to be generated on the same site.

Carports & Canopies

Around the world, PV systems raised above carports and canopies are growing in popularity thanks to their multi-functionality. Solar panels designed as canopies can provide shade for cars and people below and may also be integrated with lights or EV charging stations to create extra security and convenience for those nearby. 

Installation Process

No matter where you are planning to place solar panels on your property, Pope Energy always follows the same installation process to ensure success. After a full engineering plan, we will procure the necessary materials and permits to guarantee a timely installation. From there, we will completely outline our expectations for the project and determine whether or not ongoing operation and maintenance services are necessary upon completion.

Expert Solar Installers

For solar installations at any stage in their project timeline, Pope Energy can help create the best possible solution for any organization in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Our team always ensures an efficient, high-quality installation with turnkey solutions for new and abandoned solar projects. To schedule a consultation or for more information about our commercial solar installation services, please do not hesitate to reach out to a member of our team.

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