Rhode Island Solar Incentives

Everything you need to know about the solar incentives, exemptions and programs in Rhode Island and how the Pope Energy team can help.

Solar Incentives & Programs in Rhode Island

In addition to federally available tax breaks and accelerated depreciation rates, commercial solar energy systems may also qualify for several incentives at the state level. Despite occupying the least amount of land in the United States, Rhode Island has plenty of great programs and funds to help drive down costs and maximize ROI for large-scale solar projects. It is important to recognize that Rhode Island is constantly improving their solar and renewable energy programs to meet its emission reduction goals.

Clean Energy Grant Incentive Program

State agencies, public colleges, and universities may qualify for the Clean Energy Grant Incentive Program sponsored by the Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources (OER). Individual projects may receive funding up to $100,000 of the $1.5 million set aside for the program. Details and interested applicants can learn more on the OER website.

The Solarize Rhode Island Program

Available for both residents and businesses, the Solarize Rhode Island Program is one of the state’s most successful pushes for green energy. Since its inception, Solarize Rhode Island has helped nearly 1000 participants go solar with competitive tiered pricing structures.

The Renewable Energy Growth Program (REG)

Since 2017, the Renewable Energy Growth Program (REG) has helped grow renewable energy capacity in Rhode Island both in the small-scale and commercial sectors. Enrollment for each year’s program is only open for a limited time and the incentives are largely performance-based as compensation for real energy generation.

The Renewable Energy Fund (REF)

Unique solely to Rhode Island, the Renewable Energy Fund (REF) has helped support sustainable power development and create jobs within the state. Budgets and enrollment dates vary, with the most up-to-date information found through Rhode Island Commerce.

Property & Sales Tax Exemption

All renewable energy transactions and installations are exempt from both property and sales taxes in Rhode Island.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Pope Energy serves commercial solar energy clients throughout New England. Our team can help you secure the maximum number of qualifying Rhode Island solar incentives for your project, with the expert advice and financing resources to ensure a successful installation with sustainable energy generation.

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