Solar Operations & Maintenance

Keeping your solar PV system in good operating health through effective solar operation services and proactive maintenance.

Solar O&M Services

One of the best things about solar energy is that it requires very little upkeep while generating tons of emission-free electricity. With that said, both external factors and internal electrical malfunctions can create the need for ongoing maintenance of PV system.

What is Solar O&M?

Specifically, solar operations & maintenance can be defined as anything that is necessary to keep a system in good operating health. Most commonly, solar panels will need to be cleaned or cleared of dust, leaves, or snow that is preventing them from harnessing the maximum amount of sunlight.

Sometimes a loss in system efficiency is not always as easy to identify as a seasonal snowstorm. By keeping an eye on the day-to-day production of a system, performance can be tracked using real numbers in real time.

Protecting and Optimizing Your Solar Assets

Unfortunately, some building owners do not realize there is a problem with their solar system until it is too late. For most, getting a large and unexpected utility bill is the absolute worst time to find out about a loss in system efficiency.

With ongoing solar O&M services, a renewable energy system is protected to ensure its maximum return on investment. For buildings without on-site maintenance teams, Pope Energy can provide many services to optimize your solar asset.

Broom scrubbing solar panels

Solar Servicing

Even though solar panels are built to withstand the elements, there are still many external factors. Harsh weather, ongoing dust buildup, and unwanted pests can cause a solar energy system to partially or completely shut down. For these reasons, we offer:

  • Ground Maintenance
  • Snow Removal
  • Debris Removal
  • Routine Cleaning
  • and On-Site Repairs

Whether the issue is electrical or construction-based, our team of engineers can help identify, solve, and repair any required maintenance on a solar energy system. This includes maintenance and replacement of solar panels, wiring, inverters, batteries, or mounting materials.

Performance Monitoring

With today’s technology, the performance of a solar energy system can be traced down to each individual solar cell. Whereas we could spend all day looking at performance charts, most building owners do not have the time to carefully keep track of their solar energy systems performance. We offer:

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring of Your Solar Asset
  • Real-time Monitoring of Solar Production
  • Quick Identification of Individual Component Malfunctions
  • A Network of Support Teams for the Fastest Maintenance Possible

With our solar O&M services, we are essentially able to keep an eye on any solar energy system remotely at all times. If a problem were to arise, our engineers can quickly identify and troubleshoot any mechanical or electrical malfunctions that cause a system to lose productivity. We ensure that a professional can be available to fix any issue as soon as it arises.

Analytics & Reporting

A solar energy system’s lifespan should be analyzed in order to help maximize its return on investment. Our engineers take a detailed look at system performance in order to help identify potential issues or losses in efficiency before they even become a problem. To do so, we:

  • Analyze System Performance Against Other Real-World Data
  • Identify Possible Solutions for Increasing System Efficiency
  • Create Customized Preventative Maintenance Plans
  • and Produce Periodic Reports of your System’s Performance

By taking a deep dive into every specific renewable energy system, we produce highly detailed reports to provide building owners with every relevant insight for their solar. This includes electricity produced, system trends, financial savings against utility power, recommended maintenance, and more.

Solar O&M Solutions

When a business invests in a solar PV system, they are taking an enormous step towards lowering the operating costs of their electricity. In order to completely optimize the ROI, the system should be monitored and maintained in order to continuously produce as much electricity as possible.

If you own a solar energy system in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, or New York, feel free to contact us today about solar operations & maintenance.

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