New Hampshire Solar Incentives

Everything you need to know about the solar incentives, exemptions and programs in New Hampshire and how the Pope Energy team can help.  

Solar Incentives & Rebates in New Hampshire

Large solar arrays on businesses, land, and properties throughout New Hampshire may qualify for several state solar incentives beyond what is available at the federal level. By lowering the cost of adopting renewable energy, state-wide tax incentives and rebates on solar energy systems in New Hampshire continue to allow residents to easily invest in a solar energy system.

100% First-Year Bonus Depreciation

In addition to the nationally available depreciation rates for solar energy equipment, commercial businesses can reap 100% first-year bonus depreciation on parts installed in New Hampshire. This incentive has been ongoing since 2017 and is currently planned to expire on January 1, 2023.

Property Tax Exemption

Although it is not offered in every municipality throughout the state, many areas of New Hampshire allow for property tax exemption on renewable energy systems. More information on specific regions can be found through the New Hampshire Office of Strategic Initiatives.

New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (PUC) Rebates

With limited availability for C&I organizations, the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission offers solar incentives up to $10,000 for PV and thermal installations. PUC rebates have been offered since 2010, with several modifications to program details. Currently, only new solar installations will qualify.

2021 Legislation now allows solar projects to achieve a 5 MW size if a municipal entity is the net metered off-taker of the solar generation.

Sales Tax Exemption

Like all sales in New Hampshire, solar energy parts, labor, and permitting costs are all completely exempt from sales tax. At 0% for all transactions in the state, sales taxes will only be applied if you are utilizing out-of-state vendors.

Pope Energy helps midsize and large property owners adopt solar energy in New Hampshire and throughout New England. We work with business owners, independent power producers, farmers, and real estate investors to always find the best financial solution for commercial solar development.

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