Land and Real Estate Owners

We are always in the market for good solar sites, whether they are green-field sites, gravel pits, rooftops, or parking lots for carport or solar canopy systems.  We are interested in purchasing properties outright and/or entering into land/property lease agreements to facilitate solar installations.

Discovering the value that solar can bring to your property while adding value to your community and tenants as well as assisting in the transition to a renewable future is a service Pope Energy is in business to provide.

Pope Energy is looking for sites and rooftop applications in Massachusetts, Rhode Island,  Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire and New York.

Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York and Vermont in varying degrees have policies conducive to solar installations and represent our primary focused areas of development.

Contact us to consult with us about renewable energy. We are based in Boston, Massachusetts, and serve clients throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York.

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