Solar Panels Can Be Beautiful

Modern architecture has changed the way we live and how we build houses, office buildings, stores, schools, and more. Modern architecture does not consist of the cookie cutter designs anymore because architects have found new and beautiful ways to design buildings for aesthetics and function. One of the reasons we find new and modern architecture to be attractive is because it’s unique. Most people don’t realize that the design of these buildings has purpose behind the design.

When it comes to solar energy with architecture, designers are finding new was for solar panels and solar energy to be beautiful within architecture.

Solar Panels Make a Building Better

Solar panels are not only providing your building or land with clean energy, they’re also cooling your buildings. Experts have studied the effects of solar panels on roofs and found that solar panels reduce the heat on the roof. When the sun beats down on your roof, the heat is able to get inside the home causing temperatures to rise. This can cause air conditioning units to work extra hard to cool your building. Having solar panels can potentially reduce your heat by 5 degrees.

Architects designing modern buildings are finding new ways to build functioning facilities whether it be homes or commercial buildings.

At Pope Energy, our job is to help landowners, real estate owners, commercial building owners, farmers, and more develop large-scale solar projects. Modern architecture is changing the way we live and how we improve our world. Without solar energy, this task could be much more difficult.

Here are some examples of architecture where solar energy plays a major role in the design:

Nursery +E in Marburg/Opus Architekten

Shaped like little boxes raised in the air, this nursery is one of a kind with solar panels all around built into the architectural frame. The panels receive the most sun exposure due to the location of the panels and the design of the building.

The Endesa Pavilion

The Endesa Pavilion is the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. The interesting aspect of the building is that it doesn’t have a particular shape. The roof has different angles with solar panels to maximize the energy intake it receives from the sun. This is definitely a beautiful masterpiece using renewable energy to gather energy for the building.

The Blauhaus at Niederrheim University

This building looks like the windows are angled with blue glass towards the sky, which they are, but those glass pieces are solar panels that can be rotated towards the sun at any time, which maximizes the solar energy that is received.

Architects Are Truly Creative in Modern Architecture

Now that the “fads” are over, architects have become extremely talented and creative in how they build any type of building. We’re witnessing true functionality when it comes to commercial buildings and homes across the United States. As more and more companies resort to solar energy to power their buildings, architects are working to develop new designs and functions.

Pope Energy

At Pope Energy, we are proud to be a part of the movement that is helping the world turn to solar energy and other renewable energy for power. We have helped many commercial industries to get their buildings net-zero energy. The investment sets you up for the future, which is crucial for any business or piece of property. If you want to have a long-lasting business, investing in solar energy is the way to go.

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