Solar Energy Technology

The Innovation of Solar Technology Never Stops

Solar energy technology keeps on getting better and more efficient. Engineers and scientists around the world and in our country are working day and night to find new ways to harvest solar power at the highest efficiency and the most affordable price. If you think about it, solar energy is just starting to rapidly expand….

Living Off-the-Grid with Solar Energy

This might be an extreme way of living in today’s society, but there are several places in Northern Canada with people and communities living the so-called “off-the-grid” lifestyle with major help from solar energy. Solar energy is playing a major role in the conservation of energy and the elimination of our carbon footprint already, but…

New Solar Energy Cell for Windows

Solar technology is constantly improving and becoming more efficient, even during this time of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The question for every solar energy technologist and scientist is, how can we make solar energy better for people? Well, here is one way how scientists and technologists are working towards new innovations in the solar energy industry….

Solar Cars and New Technology

The solar industry is getting better and better with new and improved technology from science research and engineers dedicated to making the world a more sustainable places as quickly as possible. What’s next on the agenda of solar for our world? Will There Be Automobiles Running on Solar Energy? In a perfect world, this would…

Solar Energy is Continuing to Get Cheaper Everyday

As more and more individuals, businesses, and governments around the world invest in solar energy, we’re seeing a spike in research and invention-like movement to reduce the cost of solar technology. This is big news in the solar world because every single day scientists and researchers are looking for ways to improve the technology, make…