Solar windows

New Solar Energy Cell for Windows

Solar technology is constantly improving and becoming more efficient, even during this time of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The question for every solar energy technologist and scientist is, how can we make solar energy better for people? Well, here is one way how scientists and technologists are working towards new innovations in the solar energy industry.

Semi-Transparent Solar Cell

Engineers are currently developing a semi-transparent solar cell that could be used in windows. This would make homes more energy-efficient by the use of windows as creating energy for your home. The amazing thing about this new solar cell innovation is that it could drastically change the architecture industry by benefitting both the solar industry and architecture industry. Windows generating electricity could mean so much to the renewable energy world. Every minute, we are working towards a 100% renewable energy world, and this takes us one step closer.

Why are Solar Windows Important?

If we’re looking at the entire picture, we can say that solar windows will play a major role in continuing to reach 100% renewable energy. Think about all of the skyscrapers and other buildings covered in glass windows. If these windows are solar, you’ll see energy costs eliminated for companies around the globe! Turning commercial buildings into power generators will have a major impact on the way we construct buildings, but there are tradeoffs that architects and property owners have to consider.

“Two square meters of solar window will generate about as much electricity as a standard rooftop solar panel.”

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