Solar Panels withstanding Snow

Minnesota Couple Developing Solar Panels for Snowy Weather

There are new innovations every single day, but you wouldn’t think an ordinary couple from Duluth, Minnesota would be developing technology for solar panels to withstand the snow that might cover them in the winter months. Although, when Karl Wagner was made aware of the U.S. Department of Energy’s America-Made Solar Prize, he decided to see if he could enter in the competition.

He felt enough was enough when it came to physically getting-up on the roof to clear off the snow on their solar panels. Afterall, the solar panels wouldn’t produce much energy even if there was a smidge of cover from snow.

Solar Development Solution

Karl Wagner, data scientist and inventor, has developed a solution for the snowy covering problem with solar panels. It’s a development of a heating material with nanotechnology components. This couple’s innovation won $50,000 in prize money from being the semi-finalist in the American-Made Solar competition.

The heated technology is believed to remove solar panels within a few hours. This could have significant impact on the Upper Midwest cities that lose solar generation due the snow accumulation on the solar panels.

The Benefits of this Innovation

The main benefits of this solution to the snow cover problem on solar panels is that it can be used in areas where snow accumulates more. Places like Alaska and other areas around the world looking to benefit from solar energy will be able to use this technology to eliminate downtime with their solar panels making sure the snow is melted off from the heated technology.

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