Solar Cars and New Technology

The solar industry is getting better and better with new and improved technology from science research and engineers dedicated to making the world a more sustainable places as quickly as possible. What’s next on the agenda of solar for our world?

Will There Be Automobiles Running on Solar Energy?

In a perfect world, this would be ideal. Well, we can happily say that it is currently in the works with several automobile companies across the globe. Along with Tesla Motors looking tap into the solar car idea, a Dutch, Lightyear One is making a solar-powered car. This solar-powered electric vehicle is estimated to drive 440 miles without having to stop somewhere for a charge. This is a big step in the direction for efficiency and sustainable energy. Without needing a gas tank, cars can be redesigned for more space and more efficiency.

Solar Technology Making a Leap

Researchers are looking into a certain type of solar cell that could power through the night. The solar cell works like a regular solar cell but in reverse effects. Instead of absorbing solar energy from the sun to power the cell, these new solar cells will be able to radiate heat as infrared light into space since these cells will be hotter than their surroundings. Like regular solar cells, you’ll be generating power but in a different way.

If this type of solar cell can be harnessed, we can obtain more energy at night, which in turn can be stored for better sustainable energy. This technology could have a significant impact on the commercial solar development field. Powering the grid in this fashion will allow us to better store our energy for more efficiency and access.

Pope Energy already plays a major role in the commercial solar industry in New England and surrounding states with large-scale solar photovoltaic projects. We are always on the lookout for innovation and land to better the industry. Utilizing this type of solar cell could change the game drastically.

Investing in Solar Energy

Now is the time to seriously think about investing in the solar energy industry. Why? The innovation of new technology and ways to harness this renewable energy is consistently getting better every single day. On a commercial scale, solar energy is where the money saving is. With fuel being free, operations and maintenance costs being reasonable, solar power plants can last for several decades if taken care of properly. Also, with new technology developing daily, your plant could improve regularly over time.

The Benefits of Investing in Large-Scale Solar:

  • Lowers Energy Bills
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • Generates Income through Sharing with the Grid
  • Long Term Investment
  • Sustainable

Many commercial businesses are going solar because of the benefits that it has on their business and the world around them. Real estate owners are given the opportunity to install solar panels on the roof of the property, farmers are given the chance to install a solar field to benefit their agricultural bills, and landowners are offered incentives to have a solar field placed on their land.

Pope Energy

Here at Pope Energy, we see the positive impacts of solar energy around the New England region when we help commercial industries develop solar energy projects. With out solar energy capabilities stretching to solar energy storage, we have the knowledge and expertise in saving our customers money in the long run. An investment in solar energy means you’re willing to cut your energy bills, help save the environment, and improve sustainable energy-living for everyone.

If you’re looking to invest in solar, contact Pope Energy at 855-767-3363 today!