How Solar Energy Can Help Combat Climate Change

The world is changing drastically from climate change and global warming. The warnings are there from government officials, scientists, and environmental researches about the effects global warming is having on our planet. Renewable energy is what we are turning to help save our world because we need to act fast before it gets worse.

First things first, we need to talk about the definition of Global Warming vs. Climate Change:

Global Warming vs. Climate Change

Global warming is the heating of Earth’s climate after a long period of time from human factors, including fossil fuel burning and pollution. Burning fossil fuels raise greenhouse gas levels in Earth’s atmosphere, which traps heat.

Climate change is a change in average weather patterns on Earth, including local, regional, and global climates. Burning fossil fuels raises the average surface temperature.

The Effects of These Two on the Environment: 

  • Land and Ocean Temperature Increases
  • Sea Levels Rising
  • Melting Ice in Earth’s Poles
  • Mountain Glacier Melting
  • Frequency and Severity of Hurricanes, Heatwaves, Wildfires, Droughts, Floods, Precipitation

Renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy are at the top of the world’s priority list. The natural process of the Greenhouse Effect is something that has been happening on this planet for millions of years. The problem is that there is an increase in Greenhouse Gases, which is negatively impacting the Earth’s atmosphere and temperature. The heat is increasing radically because of this effect resulting in consequences.

Solar Energy Impact on the Environment

Solar panels are one of the best ways to fight off climate change in our world. It’s a clean energy source that can be stored and recycled for individuals, businesses, and the electrical grid in towns and cities. The technology is beginning to get cheaper and more efficient, forcing the world to turn to the energy source.

The benefits of solar energy on the environment:

  • Reduces Air Pollution
  • Decreases Water Usage
  • Decreases Dependency on Nonrenewable sources
  • Reduces CO2 Emissions
  • Releases Fewer Pollutants

There is finally a consensus in the world from experiments, climate models, and research from scientists that solar is the route we need to take regarding our environmental issues. We can see all over the world that storms are beginning to increase in frequency and severity, ice caps are melting at the poles, and water levels rising. If we can harness the sun’s rays and create a healthy and clean environment on this planet, then we can start to solve some other problems around the world.

Solar Technology

Solar technology is becoming cheaper and more efficient, thanks to discoveries and inventions. Researches, scientists, and engineers are working hard to find a way to make solar the top dog in natural resources so that our dependency on nonrenewable and harsh resources.

Pope Energy 

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