Solar energy in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Renewable Energy News

We’ve said this before, but we would like to emphasize this once more. Massachusetts is rapidly growing in the renewable energy race for great reasons. The state is witnessing a plethora of benefits to the grid and the environment when investing in renewable energy development and storage. Pope Energy is a part of the movement!

Moving to 100% Renewable Energy in the State

Renewable Energy businesses and lawmakers are moving towards 100% renewable energy in the state of Massachusetts. The clean energy coalition is hounding legislatures to pass legislation on making the state 100% renewable. 113 legislatures have endorsed the 100% Renewable Energy Act.

Mayors in the state of Massachusetts are also in support of going in this direction. This bill could help the state transition to renewable energy resources for electricity, heating, and transportation by the year 2045.

How will this impact the state?

Utilizing pollution free resources for energy like wind and solar will boost the economy, lower energy costs for businesses and homeowners, and make the environment a better place. Businesses should be considering investing in renewable energy resources for their own sake if they haven’t already.

Leading the Shift to Clean Energy

A small city in Massachusetts named Holyoke used to have the last coal-fired power plant and now contains the largest solar farm. This is just one example of the state leading the growth of clean energy in the country.

The state also created the first commercial-scale offshore wind farm due to the Atlantic Ocean located along the state’s coast. States such as Maryland and New York are watching Massachusetts boom in the growth of renewable energy, and they are shifting their own state to clean energy. It’s becoming a domino effect in states surrounding Massachusetts and it is continuing to grow around the nation.

It seems that the coastal states are taking charge, while the middle of America is slow to adopting these practices. We can see this because of population size and demographics in those regions.

The Challenge for Mass. and Other States

Cutting dependence on coal and oil brings the challenge of overusing natural gas, while developing offshore wind, onshore wind, and solar development throughout the state. The biggest downfall is the rising cost of relying on natural gas for consumers. The biggest challenge is utilizing technologies at a rapid pace, so that there is a mix of clean energy and natural gas.

Natural gas can swing to higher prices as seen in previous cases and years. Residents, business owners, and commercial business owners will benefit from investing in clean energy. Natural gas prices won’t increase if there is balance in the electricity mix. Pope Energy provides large-scale solar photovoltaic projects utilizing battery storage, energy efficiency, natural gas, and electricity procurement. We have the solutions for individuals and companies looking to help improve life.

Providing a balanced mix of natural gas, onshore and offshore wind energy, and large-scale solar and hydropower will cut fossil fuel emissions, provide economic benefits, and lower energy costs for individuals and businesses.

A Massachusetts Company: Pope Energy

Pope Energy is proud to be a part of the great state of Massachusetts in shifting towards 100% renewable energy. We are located in Boston, Massachusetts and serve the state, as well as Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, and New York.

From solar development to financing solar projects, we are dedicated to push the state of Massachusetts to 100% renewable energy. We believe large-scale solar development coupled with energy storage will greatly benefit the economy, energy use, and environment for the future. The investment is what will help other states take charge in the movement.

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