Solar Energy Benefits Commercial Real Estate Owners

Commercial solar photovoltaic energy projects have been benefitting many industries across the country. Commercial real estate owners should also know that solar can have a major impact on their business and industry. This gives commercial real estate owners an opportunity to increase their cash flow by reducing energy bills from less energy usage. It also sets an example for a sustainable footprint.

How Can Solar Energy Improve Commercial Real Estate?

A few years ago, it would’ve been a stretch to consider investing in solar photovoltaic projects for commercial real estate. The investment wouldn’t have been worth it, but now, we’re looking at this with a new vision. The investment of solar energy is one of the best ways cut utility costs and raise rents.

Solar Energy Will Save You Money:

Lowering the operating expenses of a commercial property for the real estate owner is a major benefit. Commercial industries are noticing the long-term benefits when investing in solar energy, which only means that it will be rapidly increasing in the future when everyone catches on.

Renters will flock to commercial real estate apartments because of the renewable energy usage. If they have to pay a little extra in rent each month, they won’t mind because the carbon footprint will be decreased for them and the real estate owner. It’s a tremendous incentive to get involved with if you’re in the commercial real estate business looking to grow.

Two Major Benefits from Solar Energy

For real estate owners, they should be aware of two major benefits that will ultimately encourage the investment into solar energy for commercial properties. For one, it will increase your revenue from higher rent prices, and second, it will decrease your operating expenses.

Two Uses for Solar Energy in Commercial Real Estate:

Solar energy can be used for common areas within the building and for individual tenant apartments. In the past, solar energy only served common areas, but due to “virtual net metering,” individuals can benefit from commercial solar systems.

Solar Energy Results So Far

You’ll notice in the news that there has been an incredible movement across the country and even the world for an increase in renewable resources to power the world. Many companies are investing in real estate that is energy-efficient and powered by clean energy. Solar has taken charge in power energy in recent years making it cost competitive with other power resources that we’ve used for so many years. On a subsidized basis, it is now competitive on a wholesale level. One thing that is helping this case is the implementation of solar and energy storage.

Pope Energy plays a big role in the development of solar photovoltaic projects for commercial real estate owners. We believe that installing solar systems on a commercial real estate property can both benefit the real estate owner and the tenants. If you’re looking to quickly sell properties, this will help you do just that.

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