solar energy storage

The Benefits Energy Storage Has on the Grid

Storing energy is essential for the energy grid around the globe. For energy consumers, storing energy can benefit them greatly from the cost-saving equipment. With Pope Energy, we bring storage technologies for energy to solar developments, real estate owners and large energy consumers.

Investing Equals Long-Term Benefits

Renewable solar and wind generation is intermittent, so when energy storage is utilized, electricity will be stored leveling out the varying voltage and releasing energy to the grid when it is most needed. Energy storage has the ability to reduce or eliminate the “duck curve” typically encountered with renewable sources. For behind the meter applications, energy storage can reduce demand charges while yielding grid benefits as well. This is the ultimate benefit because it saves you money on operational costs in the future. This helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the environment. Solar, wind, and distributed energy resources will flourish with the flexibility of energy storage into the grid.

The environment benefits greatly because it allows the power grid to be more efficient, and the adoption of renewable energy is much wider on the local level. It will not affect air quality in the environment.

Everyone Benefits

Smaller towns and regions can benefit tremendously from a microgrid of energy. Sterling, Massachusetts is already benefitting from energy storage. Sterling is relying on its own batteries instead of big power plants run by fossil fuels, and they are saving and estimated $400,00 per year.

Storing energy can save small businesses and other large companies a large amount of money. The main goal is to use harvest renewable energy from the sun and store it. This is the way of the future and Pope Energy has the energy storage technologies to bring to the table.

How Solar Battery Storage Will Help the Larger Grid

There has to be a balance of supply and demand when it comes to storing the right amount of electricity from solar or wind otherwise the grid may be affected adversely. The ideal scenario would be to continue to develop large-scale solar and other renewable energy systems and have those systems tied to energy storage systems.

Pope Energy

Pope Energy is already moving forward with large-scale solar photovoltaic projects. We bring battery storage and energy efficiency to our customers with the projects we develop. We offer development, procurement, operation, and maintenance service to system owners that are looking to independently produce power.

Who can benefit from our services, as well as energy storage?

  • Land and Real Estate Owners
  • Farmer/Landowners
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Commercial and Industrial
  • Large-Scale Energy Users

Many more can benefit from our services because we also offer financing solutions for customers who desire to own a commercial solar project from us. We can offer financing with CPAC (Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy) Finance. This involves a long-term financing solution for up to 25 years if needed with no out-of-pocket expenses.

Contact Pope Energy at 855-767-3363 for our large-scale solar development projects including energy storage. We can help you save money and help the environment for the future.