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Solar technician working on solar cells

Solar Cars and New Technology

The solar industry is getting better and better with new and improved technology from science research and engineers dedicated to making the world a more sustainable places as quickly as possible. What’s next on the agenda of solar for our world?

Will There Be Automobiles Running on Solar Energy?

In a perfect world, this would be ideal. Well, we can happily say that it is currently in the works with several automobile companies across the globe. Along with Tesla Motors looking tap into the solar car idea, a Dutch, Lightyear One is making a solar-powered car. This solar-powered electric vehicle is estimated to drive 440 miles without having to stop somewhere for a charge. This is a big step in the direction for efficiency and sustainable energy. Without needing a gas tank, cars can be redesigned for more space and more efficiency.

Solar Technology Making a Leap

Researchers are looking into a certain type of solar cell that could power through the night. The solar cell works like a regular solar cell but in reverse effects. Instead of absorbing solar energy from the sun to power the cell, these new solar cells will be able to radiate heat as infrared light into space since these cells will be hotter than their surroundings. Like regular solar cells, you’ll be generating power but in a different way.

If this type of solar cell can be harnessed, we can obtain more energy at night, which in turn can be stored for better sustainable energy. This technology could have a significant impact on the commercial solar development field. Powering the grid in this fashion will allow us to better store our energy for more efficiency and access.

Pope Energy already plays a major role in the commercial solar industry in New England and surrounding states with large-scale solar photovoltaic projects. We are always on the lookout for innovation and land to better the industry. Utilizing this type of solar cell could change the game drastically.

Investing in Solar Energy

Now is the time to seriously think about investing in the solar energy industry. Why? The innovation of new technology and ways to harness this renewable energy is consistently getting better every single day. On a commercial scale, solar energy is where the money saving is. With fuel being free, operations and maintenance costs being reasonable, solar power plants can last for several decades if taken care of properly. Also, with new technology developing daily, your plant could improve regularly over time.

The Benefits of Investing in Large-Scale Solar:

  • Lowers Energy Bills
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • Generates Income through Sharing with the Grid
  • Long Term Investment
  • Sustainable

Many commercial businesses are going solar because of the benefits that it has on their business and the world around them. Real estate owners are given the opportunity to install solar panels on the roof of the property, farmers are given the chance to install a solar field to benefit their agricultural bills, and landowners are offered incentives to have a solar field placed on their land.

Pope Energy

Here at Pope Energy, we see the positive impacts of solar energy around the New England region when we help commercial industries develop solar energy projects. With out solar energy capabilities stretching to solar energy storage, we have the knowledge and expertise in saving our customers money in the long run. An investment in solar energy means you’re willing to cut your energy bills, help save the environment, and improve sustainable energy-living for everyone.

If you’re looking to invest in solar, contact Pope Energy at 855-767-3363 today!

Solar jobs are growing

A Sustainable Future with Solar Energy

Many people around the country have a tough time with discontinuing the natural resources we have been using for energy for so many years. It’s tough to curb those old jobs in the oil and coal industry because generations have made a living and fed their families off of that income for years and years. The fact of the matter is that the world is changing drastically.

Climate change, renewable energy movement, and advancement in technology is naturally making way for renewable energy solutions to kick out the old ways. We can look forward to a brighter future and a healthier future with solar energy.

The Advancement of Solar Energy Technology

The advancement in technology for solar energy and solar energy storage is growing and improving. Solar energy storage research dating back to the 1980’s is being revisited by scientists as a viable option for solar energy storage.

The University of Texas has just recently developed a hybrid device that collects and stores sunlight in the form of heat for 24-hour use. It involves norbornadiene-quadricyclane, which is a compound of two hydrocarbons (organic molecules). This allows for a single hybrid system to avoid losses when energy is transferred from a collection device to a storage platform.

Solar Energy Jobs are Taking Over

In many towns and cities across the country where coal mining and oil companies once thrived, solar energy companies are starting to take over claim of the land and market.

According to High Country News, “In Colorado’s North Fork Valley, solar energy – along with a strong organic farm economy and recreation dollars – is helping to fill the economic hole left by the dying coal industry, which sustained the area for more than 120 years.”

In these areas, mines are closing down and hundreds, even thousands of jobs are being lost. Local governments and national environmental and climate groups are working to come up with solutions for the transition from fossil-fuel dependence in these communities to renewable energy dependence.

Solar Energy Will Benefit Our Children and Grandchildren

Thinking ahead to the future is a must when talking about solar energy and other renewable and green energy solutions. The long-term benefits of going 100% renewable with our energy resources from solar and other resources will give our children and their children a healthy and sustainable future. From cutting fossil-fuel emission to sustainable and organic farming, we can leave our children with a bright future.

This is most important right? We don’t want to leave our kids with a mess to clean up, and at that point, it could be too late and too catastrophic to fix. We are seeing a trend in many businesses and corporations hoping on the solar energy train. Agriculture is moving towards solar energy panels to help their farms. We can see many rewards of solar in the agricultural industry.

What it will provide our children for the future:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Economic growth
  • Job market increase
  • New Technology and solar companies
  • Cleaner and healthier environment
  • No pollution

If we continue to move towards 100% renewable energy, our children will benefit from a great life. We’re solving issues by doing so, and everyone can benefit from the use of solar energy. Pope Energy in Massachusetts is a leader in solar photovoltaic projects across many industries. From commercial real estate owners to farmers, we are helping everyone benefit from our solar energy projects. We also provide solar energy storage that can be used in many ways.

If you’re looking to invest in solar photovoltaic projects, Pope Energy is your best choice. Contact us today at 855-767-3363 to learn more about our services!

Solar energy for green environment

How Solar Energy Can Help Combat Climate Change

The world is changing drastically from climate change and global warming. The warnings are there from government officials, scientists, and environmental researches about the effects global warming is having on our planet. Renewable energy is what we are turning to help save our world because we need to act fast before it gets worse.

First things first, we need to talk about the definition of Global Warming vs. Climate Change:

Global Warming vs. Climate Change

Global warming is the heating of Earth’s climate after a long period of time from human factors, including fossil fuel burning and pollution. Burning fossil fuels raise greenhouse gas levels in Earth’s atmosphere, which traps heat.

Climate change is a change in average weather patterns on Earth, including local, regional, and global climates. Burning fossil fuels raises the average surface temperature.

The Effects of These Two on the Environment: 

  • Land and Ocean Temperature Increases
  • Sea Levels Rising
  • Melting Ice in Earth’s Poles
  • Mountain Glacier Melting
  • Frequency and Severity of Hurricanes, Heatwaves, Wildfires, Droughts, Floods, Precipitation

Renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy are at the top of the world’s priority list. The natural process of the Greenhouse Effect is something that has been happening on this planet for millions of years. The problem is that there is an increase in Greenhouse Gases, which is negatively impacting the Earth’s atmosphere and temperature. The heat is increasing radically because of this effect resulting in consequences.

Solar Energy Impact on the Environment

Solar panels are one of the best ways to fight off climate change in our world. It’s a clean energy source that can be stored and recycled for individuals, businesses, and the electrical grid in towns and cities. The technology is beginning to get cheaper and more efficient, forcing the world to turn to the energy source.

The benefits of solar energy on the environment:

  • Reduces Air Pollution
  • Decreases Water Usage
  • Decreases Dependency on Nonrenewable sources
  • Reduces CO2 Emissions
  • Releases Fewer Pollutants

There is finally a consensus in the world from experiments, climate models, and research from scientists that solar is the route we need to take regarding our environmental issues. We can see all over the world that storms are beginning to increase in frequency and severity, ice caps are melting at the poles, and water levels rising. If we can harness the sun’s rays and create a healthy and clean environment on this planet, then we can start to solve some other problems around the world.

Solar Technology

Solar technology is becoming cheaper and more efficient, thanks to discoveries and inventions. Researches, scientists, and engineers are working hard to find a way to make solar the top dog in natural resources so that our dependency on nonrenewable and harsh resources.

Pope Energy 

At Pope Energywe develop and construct large-scale solar photovoltaic projects for system owners, landowners, and businesses. We are in the fight to make our grid much more efficient and cleaner for the planet. Located in Boston, Massachusetts, we serve throughout the state, as well as Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York.

If you’re a farmer, business owner, landowner, or system owner, contact Pope Energy at 855-767-3363 today to learn more about our solar energy projects and energy storage capabilities!

Solar Panel Installation

Solar Energy is Continuing to Get Cheaper Everyday

As more and more individuals, businesses, and governments around the world invest in solar energy, we’re seeing a spike in research and invention-like movement to reduce the cost of solar technology. This is big news in the solar world because every single day scientists and researchers are looking for ways to improve the technology, make it cheaper, and encourage the investment in it.

The Development of Low-Cost Solar Technology

It has been a difficult task around the globe to come up with a solution for developing low-cost solar technology, but there may finally be a breakthrough. Lithuanian and German researches from Kaunas University of Technology have developed a material that produces highly efficient solar cells. More efficient solar cells are the future of solar energy technology. There is incredible potential with this technological breakthrough that these scientists have come across. We can look forward to a clean future with this technology. The license to produce the technology was bought out by a Japanese company.

Greater Efficiency Equals Lower Cost

When it doesn’t cost a great amount to produce solar energy, then greater efficiency can be achieved at a lower cost. Space cell processes are being invested in and developed to create greater efficiency solar energy. Multi-junction solar cells are potentially more efficient because they absorb several wavelengths of light. This will allow cells to convert more into electricity. Scientists have discovered a more efficient and cost-effective way to produce solar energy from this cell process that can be sustainable on Earth.

Solar Battery Technology Can Store Our Energy

The grid is benefitting from solar energy storage technology. Ideally, this method of storing energy will help individuals and the entire grid providing electricity and backups for towns and cities. Pope Energy can bring energy storage technologies to solar developments, real estate owners, and large energy consumers. We believe people are starting to realize how much energy is taken for granted in this country and world. The purpose of storing renewable energy is to savor what we can. We know that solar is a renewable energy that will never run out. Storing it on the grid and individually can benefit our lives greatly.

Elon Musk believes Tesla Energy will continue to grow just as rapidly as Tesla Motors. Many people will discount him on his claims, but we can’t ignore our energy professionals completely. If competition keeps growing, solar energy will keep getting better and cheaper for the world.

Pope Energy

Here at Pope Energy, we develop and construct large-scale solar photovoltaic projects and battery storage for system owners, large-scale energy users, commercial real estate, agricultural, and industrial. As technology gets better and better for solar energy, we continue to develop solutions for individuals and businesses wanting to invest in solar power.

Contact Pope Energy at 855-767-3363 to learn more about all over our solar energy services!