Roofs are Starting to Look Different These Days

We are starting to see more and more solar panels on roofs than ever. Homeowners aren’t the only ones taking advantage of the great solar power movement. Big companies and small companies around the country are taking the initiative to help save the environment and save money for their business.

Companies Embracing Solar

Companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, and many more are embracing solar energy by installing solar panels covering their headquarters’ roofs. These are powering 100% of their buildings. Why is this important? This is important because the competition is noticing and doing the same to help cut costs in their own company. Target is looking to use renewables to store all of their electricity by the year 2030 including installing charging stations for electric vehicles. Apple is at the top of the list powering 100% renewable energy.

As electric vehicles start popping up all over the world with different car companies embracing the movement, Hyundai releases a car with a solar panel roof.

Hyundai – Hyundai is making cars with a solar roof on top powering up to 60% of the power for the car’s battery.

Why is this beneficial?

More and more companies are recognizing that their customers expect their manufacturers and service providers to be sensitive to environmental concerns. The future is in becoming renewable and in so doing, help save the environment. Over 28 percent of total US emissions come from the transportation sector. Car companies are realizing that their customers believe that fossil fuel emissions are killing the environment. It can take years to move towards renewable sources of energy to power our buildings, vehicles and grid. Forward looking companies are investing in renewable sources of energy not only to compete but to thrive in the years ahead. It is great to see big companies like Apple and Google take the lead in investing in solar and other renewables and demanding that their entire supply chain adopt similar renewable energy and lean manufacturing goals. In so doing, they will place themselves well ahead of their less visionary competitors.

Not only does this help companies with their business, but it helps the world eliminate pollution, fossil fuel emissions, and wasteful materials.

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