Renewable Energy Around the World

Countries all over the globe are tapping into the renewable energy movement, leading the charge, and setting the example for other countries to do the same.  The world is realizing that climate change is affecting everyday life, and the movement to eliminate pollution and greenhouse gases in the world is gaining ground. Every country should be following suit.

The Top Countries Leading the Charge

  • Sweden – in the race to become the world’s first 100% renewable energy country. Solar, wind, energy storage, smart grids, and clean transport are what’s growing at rapid pace in the country.
  • Costa Rica – 95% of its electricity comes from hydro, geothermal, solar, and wind over the past four years.
  • Nicaragua – the majority of electricity coming from wind, solar, and geothermal sources.
  • Scotland – wind power generating 98% of its electricity needs.
  • Germany – produced enough electricity to power every household in the country for a year in 2018.
  • Uruguay – investing heavily in wind and solar energy. On track for 100% renewable energy in the country.
  • Denmark – aiming for 100% fossil-fuel-free by 2050.
  • China – cleaning up the world’s largest carbon emitter. Cleaning up the polluted air by generating electricity from renewable resources and using solar and wind.
  • Morocco – working on the largest concentrated solar plant on the planet.
  • The USA – with the second-highest installed wind energy capacity in the world.
  • Kenya – Africa’s largest wind farm. Also going geothermal for energy.

These are only a handful of countries working towards renewable energy solutions. Every country should be being pro-active when it comes to cleaning up the earth and its environment.

If every country follows suit with changing its energy sources, the world will become cleaner and healthier to live in. Every country needs to be planning for this and working towards renewable energy movements.

What is the U.S. Doing?

There is a clean energy revolution taking place in the United States that is primarily driven by state policy and is continuing to grow rapidly. This is creating billions in economic activity, which sets an example in that there is a great opportunity to grow your economy with the manufacturing of clean energy technology.

Solar Energy – solar energy is being developed and installed in the United States for families and businesses to have access to affordable, clean energy. The cost of a solar energy has dropped significantly.

Wind – on land and offshore wind energy is being researched and developed to advance technological creations. This is creating jobs and economic growth in the country.

Water – the country has so much wave, tidal and hydropower resources in need of tapping into. Blanket use of large-scale hydropower could not be considered a renewable resource due to the coverage of large amounts of organic material buried under the dammed water sheet; but it is a useful “greener” alternative for dispatchable baseload.

Geothermal – heat derived from the earth’s surface is what this energy is, which can generate clean renewable energy. Natural geothermal springs emit little or no greenhouse gas. Geothermal heat pumps once powered by solar + storage and or wind, will be 100% renewable sources of heat and air conditioning.

Bioenergy – Agriculture and forest residues, energy crops, and algae make up this renewable energy source. Giving these alternative energy sources market share will commercialize their use, continue research in these areas and someday can take place of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel.

Nuclear – to generate heat and electricity by the use of nuclear fission. This is reliable, low-carbon energy. Nuclear energy is always controversial use to its long installation cycle, its catastrophic accident threat and extremely long and hazardous waste storage legacy.

Hydrogen & Fuel Cells – advancing hydrogen and fuel cells for transportation and diverse applications. The creation of hydrogen is extremely energy intensive. Once that manufacturing process is fueled by solar or wind + storage, hydrogen will be a valuable energy dense resource.

Tapping into every single renewable energy resource to advance technology and improve the human life is necessary for sustainability in this world.

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