Solar Land-Lease

solar energy and wildfires

Solar Energy Helping Brushfire Communities

Tesla and Atlassian is deploying energy systems to help communities who have been affected by the wildfires in Australia. Australia has been investing in Tesla Energy for energy storage systems to prevent high electricity rates and power outages.

The Wildfires in Australia

Australia faced wildfires that devastated the communities and wildlife in the region. The infrastructure was affected as well, and flooding and storms added to the damage already there. Resilient Energy Collective is helping out by installing solar and battery solutions for sustainable energy in communities that need it the most.

Who is Helping?

A collaborative effort from 5B providing solar systems Tesla providing battery storage, and the funding of $12 million is coming from Mike & Annie Cannon-Brookes. Solar panels are being rolled out for generating electricity within hours with MAVERICK solar technology. Powering back the local grids no matter how remote in the brushfire communities is essential for Australia to recover from this devastating disaster. The energy for these communities will stay on day and night, and it also takes up less space generating twice as much power per square meter.

How is this Benefitting Communities?

With the help collaborative efforts, we’re providing clean, reliable, and resilient solar energy systems to power communities devastated by the brushfires in Australia. A sustainable future is in the future for Australia. Communities will not have to rely on fuel-powered generators that provide short-term solution for all the thousands of people.

  • Save thousands of dollars in fuel costs
  • Communities can focus on the rebuilding process
  • Save time and energy

This solar farm is pre-built and can be folded up and transported to the destination in need. It’s a fantastic, efficient solution to help people after a natural disaster recover their power and focus on getting their houses and lives rebuilt.

No matter the area of disaster, solar energy is playing a major role in giving communities their energy back and more. Pope Energy specializes in providing photovoltaic solar energy projects in the New England area of the United States to system owners, landowners, farms, and real estate owners.

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Restored solar energy project

Restoring Your Solar Project with Pope Energy

Solar energy is improving by the day. Researchers and scientists are developing new ways to harness solar energy for efficiency and a less-costly expense. If you’re a business owner, a landowner, or a farmer with a solar energy project that has been neglected or unfinished, there is a way to restore that project and improve your energy usage.

With Pope Energy, you could finish that photovoltaic solar project or make some changes for improvements if it’s an old solar farm. 

Why Do Solar Projects Stall or Fail?

Depending on location or company you’re investing with, there can be some failures and stalling situations during a solar energy project. Inexperience, engaging poor developers, designers and specifying non-Tier 1 materials for your project are most frequent reasons for project failure.  This is not the case with Pope Energy. When it comes to solar photovoltaic projects, we have years of development and design-build construction experience to assist with the development and construction of your project with Tier 1 materials to ensure the successful development and operation of your solar project.

Here are some reasons why solar energy projects fail or get put on hold:

  • Development Deficiencies – Development of a solar project is a long-term real estate and electrical infrastructure community asset. Short term thinking nearly always causes problems with long term project success.
  • Financial Reasons – Whether this has to do with the solar company or the individual investing, solar energy projects can be stalled by finances. The building process may cost more than was planned, causing the individual or the company to halt the process.
  • Land Surveying – Every aspect of land surveying will need to be incorporated into developing a solar farm, or any type of solar project. If you’re a landowner and start building a solar project, land surveying will have to come first. If this is not incorporated, then you’ll run into some problems along the way including disputes. This will put a pause on some solar projects.
  • Building Codes and Laws – Building codes should never be overlooked because the county or state will put a halt to your solar investment.

We’re Witnessing Major Solar Projects Being Restored

Countries around the globe that have stalled or failed solar projects are looking to restore these projects and get back on track to contributing to the renewable energy movement. Even after natural disasters and major storms, we’re seeing countries looking to rebuild power grids with an emphasis on solar energy. Smaller countries like the Bahamas that are susceptible to hurricane season are smart to look for new ways to restore their power grid. Small islands that get wrecked by hurricanes need a more efficient system, so that when they do get hit by hurricanes, they don’t have to worry as much to restore power to their country.

In recent years, hurricanes have ravaged small islands and coastal regions in the United States. With some solar energy systems, there have been damages and destruction, but we’re also seeing some undisturbed systems. This helps countries look at how certain solar projects can withstand major storms. If solar energy can withstand natural disasters and major storms, this will be a vital part of preventing people from losing power.  

How Can Pope Energy Help You?

If you’ve had trouble with restoring your solar energy system, and you would like to finish it or restart it, Pope Energy is here to help. We offer design, development and construction of solar photovoltaic projects, solar energy storage, and maintenance services. Investing in solar is the future, if you are interested in leasing land for solar development and receiving a long-term revenue stream, or if you’re looking for an efficient way to cut energy bills, prevent power outages, and save the environment, solar energy is the only choice you should make.

Contact Pope Energy at 855-767-3363 today to find out how we can help you get your solar energy system back running or back on track to being completed without any stalling.

Should You Lease Your Land for Solar?

Leasing your land for the placement of a solar photovoltaic development project allows you to gain a long-term revenue from your property, enhance the value of your property for re-sale and keep your property intact without having to subdivide.

One commercial customer, who runs a very significant processing operation, told us that, “Installing solar on our property was one of the best things we have ever done. I come in every morning and watch (data screen) the renewable generation of our solar field.”

Whether you are a farmer trying to add revenue to your farm all the while continuing to farm the land using Agricultural Solar, a farm family where multiple non-farming siblings are looking to receive revenue from a family asset or a landowner looking to pay for college or add to revenue by utilizing a solar land-lease, leasing land for solar development meets a number of revenue planning challenges.

Qualifications for leasing your land for solar

Solar Energy FarmFirst, let’s go over what your land will need in order to be leased for solar.

The ideal size for a 5 megawatt system size is at least thirty acres developing a standard solar field and forty to fifty acres for an Agricultural Solar system.

The smallest land area that is economically feasible for an investor owned system is ten to eighteen acres which would yield a 2 to 3 megawatt system.

Having access to utility grid infrastructure is important and does not need to be near a transmission corridor but needs to have reasonable access to a 3-phase electrical service.

Of course, good exposure to sun is key, but also, be ready for a long-term commitment: solar farms offer a long process, but with high rewards.

At Pope Energy, we lease your land for 25 years with the opportunity for two 5-year renewals.

Benefits of leasing your land for solar

Not only can you create a substantial source of additional income for your property, but also, you’re creating a brighter, greener future for the surrounding community. If you have extra land available, why not put it to work generating renewable energy? Why not give it a purpose again?

That is community impact on a much greater level.

Our solar management team at Pope Energy will help you discover the value that solar energy can bring to your land. If you’re interested in learning more about solar leasing, and whether your land qualifies, please call us at 855-767-3363 today!