Solar Energy

Advantages of a Commercial Solar System for Your Building

As a building owner, it is your responsibility to invest in the well-being of your property and the people within it. And recently, this means investing in renewable energy, specifically solar power.

Solar Panels on Roof of BuildingLess operating costs

What we know of commercial buildings—be it schools, offices, or stores—is that electricity costs make up a significant portion of the overall cost of the building.

This affects the cost of upkeep, and the rent that tenants pay.

With a solar system installed, however, it’s been reported that commercial buildings stand to save between 20 and 40 percent of their electricity bill when they invest in a solar system.

More reliable with less maintenance

Solar panels are a low maintenance investment with a high reward. They are built to withstand the elements, creating a very reliable system to power your building with no noise or functional interference.

The longevity of solar panels is incomparable to any other utility electricity.

Incentives to invest

There are a number of incentives on the state and federal level in place for you to invest in solar. It almost pays to go green.

Not only does it improve the reputation of your building and add value to your property, the increased cash flow allows you to spend more on the commercial property itself, thus enhancing the experience for all tenants.

If you’re ready to commit to commercial solar power and are interested in learning more about the investment, call on the team at Pope Energy. We combine energy efficiency with the latest technologies to outfit your building with a solar system that meets your needs and reduces your carbon footprint. Call us at 855-767-3363 today to learn more.

Key Benefits of Incorporating Solar into Industrial Facilities

Advancements in technology and favorable regulations have drastically increased the viability of solar for a wide-array of businesses. If you are thinking about incorporating solar energy into your large-scale project or industrial or commercial facility, Pope Energy can make that a reality.

Let’s explore some of the numerous benefits your company could take advantage of by switching to solar.


The most obvious benefit of solar energy is of course reducing your company’s carbon footprint and environmental impact. Unlike fossil fuels, the source of energy used is limitless and does not generate harmful byproducts like pollution. Harnessing the power of the sun allows the need for a stable and inexhaustible power source to be met, while simultaneously contributing to sustainability goals.

Commercial Solar PanelsEconomic

While moving to renewables is a necessary goal, businesses must weigh that consideration against economic needs. Luckily, solar power can also financially benefit your company. The cost per kilowatt-hour has decreased to at or below other energy sources, with researchers predicting solar to completely undercut other fuels for the same power by 2020.

Federal subsidies lower the average cost of solar to $.08 per kilowatt-hour and long-term predictions anticipate a fixed rate below $.10. The availability of state subsidies can reduce this cost even more!

While there is an initial investment in solar systems, prices have been shrinking significantly over time. Moreover, commercial users have the added benefit of the economies of scale dynamic. This means the cost per watt paid for a solar system decreases as the size of the system increases.

Solar is expected to undercut the competition in coming years, so investing in the installation of these technologies today while other incentives are in place will put you ahead of the curve. Investment now is a sure way to save your company money on future energy costs.


With all the economic and environmental benefits to solar, why might some still be skeptical?

The ability to provide power when the sun isn’t shining may be an area of uncertainty for people. Storage solutions are a major innovation area for solar power that can be utilized day or night, rain or shine. Additionally, commercial solar users tend to require higher amounts of energy during the day when energy production is at its peak making it a quality energy source for daytime businesses. Utility Demand Charges are capable of being reduced with the inclusion solar + storage and the economic capabilities of battery storage are forecasted to expand in the near future.

Assessing your company’s needs and the availability of technological advancements in storage will ensure you have a consistent reliable power source regardless of outdoor conditions.

These are just some of the many advantages of transforming your company’s energy source to solar. Contact us so we can further discuss the specific needs of your solar project and any potentially applicable subsidies your company could use to save even more. Please call 855-767-3363 today!