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New Solar Energy Cell for Windows

Solar technology is constantly improving and becoming more efficient, even during this time of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The question for every solar energy technologist and scientist is, how can we make solar energy better for people? Well, here is one way how scientists and technologists are working towards new innovations in the solar energy industry.

Semi-Transparent Solar Cell

Engineers are currently developing a semi-transparent solar cell that could be used in windows. This would make homes more energy-efficient by the use of windows as creating energy for your home. The amazing thing about this new solar cell innovation is that it could drastically change the architecture industry by benefitting both the solar industry and architecture industry. Windows generating electricity could mean so much to the renewable energy world. Every minute, we are working towards a 100% renewable energy world, and this takes us one step closer.

Why are Solar Windows Important?

If we’re looking at the entire picture, we can say that solar windows will play a major role in continuing to reach 100% renewable energy. Think about all of the skyscrapers and other buildings covered in glass windows. If these windows are solar, you’ll see energy costs eliminated for companies around the globe! Turning commercial buildings into power generators will have a major impact on the way we construct buildings, but there are tradeoffs that architects and property owners have to consider.

“Two square meters of solar window will generate about as much electricity as a standard rooftop solar panel.”

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Solar Energy is Continuing to Get Cheaper Everyday

As more and more individuals, businesses, and governments around the world invest in solar energy, we’re seeing a spike in research and invention-like movement to reduce the cost of solar technology. This is big news in the solar world because every single day scientists and researchers are looking for ways to improve the technology, make it cheaper, and encourage the investment in it.

The Development of Low-Cost Solar Technology

It has been a difficult task around the globe to come up with a solution for developing low-cost solar technology, but there may finally be a breakthrough. Lithuanian and German researches from Kaunas University of Technology have developed a material that produces highly efficient solar cells. More efficient solar cells are the future of solar energy technology. There is incredible potential with this technological breakthrough that these scientists have come across. We can look forward to a clean future with this technology. The license to produce the technology was bought out by a Japanese company.

Greater Efficiency Equals Lower Cost

When it doesn’t cost a great amount to produce solar energy, then greater efficiency can be achieved at a lower cost. Space cell processes are being invested in and developed to create greater efficiency solar energy. Multi-junction solar cells are potentially more efficient because they absorb several wavelengths of light. This will allow cells to convert more into electricity. Scientists have discovered a more efficient and cost-effective way to produce solar energy from this cell process that can be sustainable on Earth.

Solar Battery Technology Can Store Our Energy

The grid is benefitting from solar energy storage technology. Ideally, this method of storing energy will help individuals and the entire grid providing electricity and backups for towns and cities. Pope Energy can bring energy storage technologies to solar developments, real estate owners, and large energy consumers. We believe people are starting to realize how much energy is taken for granted in this country and world. The purpose of storing renewable energy is to savor what we can. We know that solar is a renewable energy that will never run out. Storing it on the grid and individually can benefit our lives greatly.

Elon Musk believes Tesla Energy will continue to grow just as rapidly as Tesla Motors. Many people will discount him on his claims, but we can’t ignore our energy professionals completely. If competition keeps growing, solar energy will keep getting better and cheaper for the world.

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