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Solar energy jobs in Massachusetts

Massachusetts to Grow Solar Jobs

The state of Massachusetts has been a leader in the solar energy industry in the United States. The state has set a precedent for all other states to follow their renewable energy agenda, so that the country can have a sustainable future. In Massachusetts, policy uncertainty is getting in the way of nonresidential development of solar energy, which means legislatures need to come together and make some changes.

Renewable jobs are growing across the United States, creating sustainable careers for hardworking Americans in some of the most fossil fuel-heavy states. It looks as if the coal industry is turning downwards once again.

Legislation Needs to Step Up with Solar

Legislation in the state of Massachusetts needs to work together with passing bills and keeping the Solar Massachusetts Energy Target on track for 2050. This means expanding the program by 3,200 megawatts for this to happen. There has been a stall on some solar progress in recent years, which has caused thousands to lose their solar energy jobs. Using compliance obligations already in force within existing legislation, regulators need to establish a fixed amount of solar DG as recommended by the Brattle Group Report, Achieving 80% GHG Reduction in New England by 2050. For Massachusetts, which consumes 45% of the electricity in ISO-NE, this fixed amount of solar that would need to be installed each year would equal 0.9 GW -2.5 GW of solar per year. A target of needing to install this level of solar would drive solar and interconnection policy with DOER, D.P.U. and MassDEP.

Allowing customers to adopt solar on not only a residential, but also a commercial scale will help the industry hire back the workers that have lost their jobs. This will help the state of Massachusetts reach a goal of net-zero carbon pollution by 2050, which was passed by the senate recently. If Massachusetts triples the SMART Program, Vote Solar figures it could create 8,000-9,000 new jobs and drive more than $5 billion in solar project investment into the state’s economy.

How Will Solar Energy Impact Jobs?

New renewable solar energy projects are much cheaper than keeping existing coal plants afloat. Building replacement wind and solar facilities will be much less expensive across the board by 2025. With the state’s trend for 100% clean energy goals, the demand for more jobs and workers to build solar panels and wind turbines is growing substantially. As long as legislation cooperates with passing bills on behalf of the clean energy movement, then jobs will be booming in this industry.

According to the National Solar Jobs Census, “Between 2014 and 2019, solar employment increased 44%, five times faster than job growth in the overall U.S. economy.”


In the state of Massachusetts, Pope Energy is taking initiative to provide commercial solar energy projects to customers around New England and in New York. If you’re looking to grow your business and be successful while helping to get to 100% clean energy in your state, contact Pope Energy at 855-767-3363!


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What to Know About the World’s Largest Solar Project

The world’s largest solar project being built in the Middle East is at a record low for cost in solar price. It’s expected to be completed in 2022, and it will stand as the largest single-site solar energy project.

Why is this Solar Project So Cheap?

There are a few places in the Middle East going head to head in seeing if they can hold the record low for solar projects. In Dubai, a project that started in 2013 is looking to get up to 5 gigawatts by 2030. This project set the record low in November with a 1.7 U.S. cents deal for the next 900 megawatts of its solar park.

Qatar decided to take the reins in January with 1.6 cents per kilowatt-hour. Now, United Arab Emirates looks to have the record low again. A 40 percent stake will go to the winners and receive a 30-year PPA contract including construction, procurement, and operations and maintenance.

The Middle East Advantages

To have a successful solar project, there are many factors that have to be in place. In the Middle East, their advantage is the resources, which include large and flat sites, cheap land costs, cheap finance, and massive scale.

Is the COVID-19 Pandemic Affecting Production?

As it looks, there hasn’t been many hiccups with solar projects in the Middle East due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Even as many markets are currently in lockdown, the solar energy sector is still continuing to push their projects.

Pope Energy

At Pope Energy, we’re in the business of providing large-scale solar energy projects for the New England region of the United States. For landowners, real estate owners, farmers, and commercial building owners, solar energy can become a major importance for your business. A long-term investment in solar will pay off down the road.

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Solar Energy Benefits Commercial Real Estate Owners

Commercial solar photovoltaic energy projects have been benefitting many industries across the country. Commercial real estate owners should also know that solar can have a major impact on their business and industry. This gives commercial real estate owners an opportunity to increase their cash flow by reducing energy bills from less energy usage. It also sets an example for a sustainable footprint.

How Can Solar Energy Improve Commercial Real Estate?

A few years ago, it would’ve been a stretch to consider investing in solar photovoltaic projects for commercial real estate. The investment wouldn’t have been worth it, but now, we’re looking at this with a new vision. The investment of solar energy is one of the best ways cut utility costs and raise rents.

Solar Energy Will Save You Money:

Lowering the operating expenses of a commercial property for the real estate owner is a major benefit. Commercial industries are noticing the long-term benefits when investing in solar energy, which only means that it will be rapidly increasing in the future when everyone catches on.

Renters will flock to commercial real estate apartments because of the renewable energy usage. If they have to pay a little extra in rent each month, they won’t mind because the carbon footprint will be decreased for them and the real estate owner. It’s a tremendous incentive to get involved with if you’re in the commercial real estate business looking to grow.

Two Major Benefits from Solar Energy

For real estate owners, they should be aware of two major benefits that will ultimately encourage the investment into solar energy for commercial properties. For one, it will increase your revenue from higher rent prices, and second, it will decrease your operating expenses.

Two Uses for Solar Energy in Commercial Real Estate:

Solar energy can be used for common areas within the building and for individual tenant apartments. In the past, solar energy only served common areas, but due to “virtual net metering,” individuals can benefit from commercial solar systems.

Solar Energy Results So Far

You’ll notice in the news that there has been an incredible movement across the country and even the world for an increase in renewable resources to power the world. Many companies are investing in real estate that is energy-efficient and powered by clean energy. Solar has taken charge in power energy in recent years making it cost competitive with other power resources that we’ve used for so many years. On a subsidized basis, it is now competitive on a wholesale level. One thing that is helping this case is the implementation of solar and energy storage.

Pope Energy plays a big role in the development of solar photovoltaic projects for commercial real estate owners. We believe that installing solar systems on a commercial real estate property can both benefit the real estate owner and the tenants. If you’re looking to quickly sell properties, this will help you do just that.

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