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Massachusetts Offshore Wind Energy

Massachusetts is taking advantage of the offshore wind energy opportunity that they have been given in these recent years. In the coming years, Massachusetts will be acquiring another 1,600 megawatts of offshore wind on top of the recent 1,600 megawatts they have already acquired.

off shore wind energy

What is Offshore Wind Energy?

Offshore wind uses wind turbine technology, which is places in the ocean waters to create electricity from the wind energy. This is a more productive solution than on-shore wind energy because of the higher wind speeds out in the ocean. These are more consistent, which will in turn give the state a reliable energy source to reduce greenhouse gases.

The Challenge?

The construction of the wind turbines in the ocean is difficult because of the conditions. As of now, it is somewhat costly because of the demand. Once the technology advances, the cost will decrease due to the demand of this sustainable energy.

The Benefits of Offshore Wind

  • Faster wind speeds result in more energy generated
  • Consistent supply of wind – more reliable source of energy
  • Many major coastal cities containing half of the United States’ population
  • Creates sustainable energy and jobs

Offshore wind farms can be costly and challenging to build, which is a drawback. Harsh weather can be a factor when it comes to offshore wind turbines. The depth of the water also can make it difficult to build turbines and building power cables on the seafloor for transmitting electricity back to land can be expensive.

But why is it important to pursue this source of energy? Every new technology and invention will have a challenge to tackle, especially in the beginning stages. With that being said, this technology and construction will have some disadvantages, but once the technology advances, the cost will go down and the production and construction will improve making offshore wind energy an extremely reliable and sustainable energy source.

Pope Energy

Pope Energy supports both land-based and off-shore wind resources paired with battery storage technologies.  Off-shore wind is being built by utilities owned by nation-states, and cost is being driven down by bringing scale to these applications. These renewable assets represent the new centralized power sources, and they should be paired with decentralized solar and battery projects for reliability purposes, and this will help to maintain a renewable energy employment base in Massachusetts.

If you’re a business or an individual interesting in solar energy projects, contact Pope Energy at 855-767-3363 for more information on how we can help!